Besides being renowned for its beautiful shores and its characteristic historic centre, Caorle is also well known as “City of Sport” thanks to the high quantity and quality of sport structures available.

The stadium, located at the town entrance, is provided with a wide parking lot, and it is easy to reach both from inside and outside town. It can hold up to 3.000 people, all in central galleries. It is furnished with running tracks and platforms, and it hosted for 20 years International Athletic Meetings. During these events, famous national and international athletes come to Caorle, such as Gabriella Dorio, Sara Simeoni, Pietro Mennea, and from the U.S. Calvin Smith, and Danny Harris.

In addition to the stadium, Caorle has two soccer fields where the two town teams, now playing in the First and Second Divisions, train and play; and the Palazzetto dello Sport, or Palasport, with 2500 seats, managed by the A.S. S. Margherita. This glorious basketball team has been playing for more than 15 years in the C1 national division, and had among its ranks noteworthy athletes such as Alberto Tonut. Every year, at the Palasport, the National finals of women’s basketball take place, in addition to national and international events of other sports, such as the karate world championship, the dart championship and so on.

The town’s swimming pool and gymnasium are located by the beach, in Porto Santa Margherita; the golf course, the only one with 18 holes in the North Adriatic, is also located by the sea. Numerous are the tennis courts, spread in the territory: two are within the stadium, four in the Western Shore, one in the East Shore and five in Porto Santa Margherita. Two fields for five-a-side football, with synthetic ground, are located 100 meters from the beach in the Eastern Shore. Nearby, a bocce court, and an open-air field hockey and skating rink have been created recently.

Caorle is also famous for the aquatic sports, with three nautical clubs operative in the territory. The Circolo Nautico Santa Margherita (CNSM) organizes the “500 X 2” competition, the winter and spring championships, and many contest for children and young adults from the town and the inland territory.

The nautical clubs SCV and OYC organize numerous regattas, for instance the “Regata della Madonnina”, “Regata LEI e LUI” for sailing enthusiast couples.

Another sport association in Caorle is the VOGA CAORLE, the rowing association which has been organizing numerous events for the town and its visitors for many years.

Since 1970 it is operating in the territory the “Gruppo Sommozzatori Caorle”, which organizes scuba diving classes and immersions in Caorle sea.

A few kilometres from Caorle, in the hamlet of San Gaetano, one riding school is operative, which organize beautiful promenades in the country and along the Caorle lagoon.

And finally, in San Stino di Livenza, 20 km from Caorle, a small airport for ultra-light flights is available for the most adventurous who wish to explore the territory from hang-gliding (deltaplano).

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