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The soft colours, the lights, the hardwood, the natural hypoallergenic fabrics all help create a space of elegance and simplicity, its respect for nature make our guests the center of attention.
There are numerous options to choose from. You, our guest, may decide the ideal space that best suits your needs.
From the smallest to the largest, from the upper floors with the best view of the sea to the ground floor with a garden just outside the door, each has either a convenient balcony or terrace with a table and chairs to enjoy the benefits of being by the sea. There is air-conditioning, a mini-bar, a large satellite television and many more amenities in each room.


Comfort, convenience and versatility with all the services of the Sea Garden Hotel.

Narciso Standard Room  with a convenient side balcony with a sea view, smaller in size, combines in a more intimate space (13 square meters), simplicity and convenience with all the facilities of the Sea Garden Hotel

Narciso Komfort Room is the largest (17 square meters), developed with that extra space in mind that renders this choice a very comfortable one indeed.

Narciso Family Room:on the ground floor is designed for families with children. The are 30 square meters of space available in two separate rooms: a bedroom and separate living room which can accommodate children in a comfortable sofa bed. Simplicity, practicality and comfort- the ingredients to feel right at home.


The atmosphere and the feel of a comfortable beachfront room (18 square meters) with a large balcony overlooking the sea. It has an enchanting view over the small bay of Levante Beach, Caorle East beach.


A choice for those who favor a large and more refined environment. From a minimum of 25 to a maximum of 35 square meters we have focused on the pleasure of clean lines and the elegance of bleached wood. We have deliberately matched the soft colours of the walls and contrasted them with the fabric. The large bathrooms feature spacious showers or Jacuzzi baths.

Junior Suite Orchidea. A large limitless open space (25 to 30 square meters) for a refined and contemporary solution. Its style makes it different from the others and two spacious balconies offer plenty of outdoor space.

Family Junior Suite Orchidea. This is the largest and most exclusive solution for families (30 square meters). Two separate rooms offer plenty of space: a bedroom and a separate living room for the kids with a comfortable sofa bed with two single beds.

Piccola Suite Orchidea. Our most prestigious proposal. The Small Orchid Suite, at 35 square meters is definitely not small. Only natural or bleached chestnut and beech hardwoods have been used to let you choose between the more basic or classic. The bright colours and natural fabrics convey that feeling of freshness and liveliness so natural for us who live by the sea. There is a large bathroom in natural stoneware tile and a Jacuzzi. There is plenty of open space available in two versions: one with a side view of the sea and one facing the sea on the top floor.


Daily rates per person


Narciso (2 persons) Family Room Narciso, Narciso Standard, Narciso Comfort from € 49,00 to € 89,00

Gelsomino (2 persons) from € 59,00 to € 99,00

Junior Suite “Orchidea” (2 persons) from € 69,00 to € 109,00

Piccola Suite Orchidea (2 persons) from € 79,00 to € 129,00


Le offerte includono :


Restaurant :

Fullboard Service  €  39,00 per person and day

Halfboard Service €  19,00 per person and day ( lunch buffet) –  €  34,00 per person and day (gourmet dinner)

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